WELCOME TO CCID TRUST     A War Against Crime & Corruption     
Welcome to CCID Trust

Objectives of the organization

1. To curb the increasing crime and corruption in the country.

2. To take legal action against bribes by holding them red-handed.

3. To stop illegal activities and to take action by informing the administration.

4. To prevent injustice, atrocities, happening to anyone and to compromise with the help of administration.

5. Get information about crimes and hand them over to the administration and take action on them.

6. To help innocent people stranded and help them by collecting evidence and handing it over to the administration.

7. Helping the administration to collect the intelligence of the criminals and conduct a thorough investigation and reach the criminals.

8. To help the people trapped in the casings running in the court by collecting evidence and reaching the truth and presenting the evidence in the court.

9. To abolish child labor.

10. To voice the rights of the poor.

11. To empower their rights in the village and society.

12. Providing free education to poor children and establishing schools.

13. Making children aware of education.

14. To be ready for the safety of women and girls.

15. Providing employment to the unemployed.

16. To organize dowry-free group marriages of poor girls of the society and motivate the abandoned and widows to marry again.

17. The aim of the Trust is for the progressive development of education in the field from primary to ju. Establishment of high school / high school / intermediate and educational institutions up to degree college, if required. Q. Board of Secondary Education C.B.S.E. And I.C.S.E .. U.G.C. , Doing and operating with education method.

18. Establishment of modern educational institutions, technical, engineering, industrial, commercial agriculture and management education institutions for youth / young women for self-reliance and self-reliance for higher education development.

19. The aim of the Trust is to make proper arrangements for the facilities of the children like the Kinda Center, Gymnasium, Library, blind school, reading room and auditorium and sports material.

20. Poor boys / girls training accessible in collaboration with the concerned departments and institutes of Central and State Government like sewing, embroidery, weaving, spinning, handicraft art, handloom, architecture, handicrafts, carpets, crafts, painting, painting and typing and To make them self-reliant and create awareness by imparting computer (hardware, software information technology) training.